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Developmental Behavioral Health

The Developmental Behavior Health division provides multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment for problems related to developmental disabilities and chronic diseases including evaluations, and case management for children, adolescents, and adults. Additionally, child and family behavioral education and support addressing areas such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, attachment, anger, aggression, and other behavioral and parenting needs is available.

The division specializes in conducting interdisciplinary assessments of children and adults with concerns regarding autism spectrum. Steps in the assessment process include completion of the Autism Diagnostic Interview, Revised (AADI-R), Autism Diagnostic Observational Schedule (ADOS), cognitive assessment, speech and language assessment, sensory assessment, and completion of behavioral checklists. Families receive an individual feedback session and comprehensive report.

Services Provided

  • Autism evaluations
  • Academic evaluations
  • ADHD evaluations


Monday–Friday: 8:00 am–5:00 pm
Saturday–Sunday: CLOSED


To schedule an appointment or for any questions regarding services, please contact the Behavioral Health Clinic: